Club Competitions

Club Championships

The NOR Club Championships have been held annually since 2003 at a NOR Colour Coded Event. Men (M21+) compete for the Barry Chilvers Cup and women (W21+) for the Carol Towler Salver;  both trophies having been donated in memory of former NOR members. Since 2015, the format of the competition has changed in that people run the course normally associated with their age class (see below). A handicap, based on the age and course length, is applied to the results to determine the winner.

The courses and handicaps are as follows:

Age Class Male   Female  
  Course Factor Course Factor
21 Brown 1.00 Blue 0.82
35 Brown 0.92 Blue 0.71
40 Brown 0.89 Blue 0.69
45 Blue 0.86 Green 0.67
50 Blue 0.82 Green 0.63
55 Blue 0.77 Green 0.58
60 Blue 0.70 Green 0.53
65 Green 0.64 Short Green 0.48
70 Green 0.57 Short Green 0.42
75 Short Green 0.50 Short Green 0.35
80 Short Green 0.44 Short Green 0.29

Note: To be eligible for the Barry Chilvers Cup or Carol Towler Salver, a competitor must:

  • be a current senior member of NOR, i.e. M21+ or W21+
  • run the designated course for their age group, or a longer course

Current Champions (2017) are Mick Liston and Barbara George.  Click here to see winners of previous years championships.

Club Colour Coded League

The Colour Coded League is currently having a rest.

The club league awards points to all NOR members who run a course as an individual at any NOR event or any other event in East Anglia where there are at least 20 NOR members.

The league will run from September – Spring. If you run the correct course for your age, your course factor is 1. You are penalised for running an easier/shorter course by a factor of 10% per available course (unless your nominated course is not available) and rewarded in the same way for running a harder/longer course. Everyone’s points are calculated in the same way but there are separate prizes for top men, women and juniors.

Points are calculated as follows:

  • The length of the course is adjusted for height climbed (Adjusted length = length in km + (climb in m/100)).
  • Your pace (in min/km) is calculated (Pace = time/adj length of course).
  • Your pace is multiplied by your age factor and your course factor (Adjusted pace = pace x course factor x age factor/100).
  • Your adjusted pace is compared with the fastest NOR pace and awarded points thus: (Points = (fastest adj pace/your adj pace) x 100).
  • Your score is the sum of your best 5 scores.
  • Planners, organisers and controllers receive the average of their best 4 scores.

Click here to see the past champions.

Regional & National Leagues and Rankings

East Anglian League

The East Anglian League is a competition for the most consistent performers at events in the region, with each club nominating one event per year. You do not need to register to compete in the East Anglian League, you just need to run a course in one of the designated events and your points will be automatically calculated if you belong to an East Anglian club. At the end of the year, your overall score is determined by adding up the four best scores over the year. You must also have attended a minimum of three events to qualify for overall positions.

BOF Rankings

Do you know where you stand in the BOF Rankings? Follow this link to the BOF Rankings page. Select NOR from the list and click ‘filter’. The rankings are further explained in an article by Jonathan Gilbert recently published in NOR News – The vagaries of the BOF Ranking Scheme