Results: Hockham: 06/03/2016

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Yvette Baker Trophy Results

SOS had a convincing win in the Yvette Baker Trophy Eliminator. All their scoring runners placed 1st or 2nd. NOR were 2nd and SUFFOC 3rd.

Controller’s Comments

I would like to thank Les and his hard working team who did a great job on the day.

It’s was nice to see so many people at the event new and old and the weather was good to us.

Tim planned some great courses and most runners had a chance to run in the area of the Pingo’s, and from the comments some found it easy and others lost their way.

Some people came in contact with the cattle in the north end of the map. The Farmer did say he was going to move them before the event, but from the reports they were still in the area, not much we could do about it, but we did warn you in the event instructions.

Everybody I spoke too enjoyed their run.


Planner’s Comments

Hockham was last used for an event in 2013, and that time we were unable to use the Pingo area due to felling/clearing of numerous thickets. When I first looked at the area this year it was clear that the removal of several thickets had improved the run-ability while not diminishing the technical difficulty. With this in mind it was my intention to get as many of the technical courses into the Pingo area as possible and in the end every course from Light Green to Brown visited there.

I hope that most competitors enjoyed that area, looking at some of the routes and split times it is evident that most people made some errors in the Pingos, albeit some with minor time lost and others with significant time lost.

The majority of area to the south of the minor road has suffered from recent thinning operations, which meant the previous good run-ability has become difficult with a lot of brashings left on the ground. Fortunately I was able to plan courses that avoided this area apart from the Blue and Brown courses. Although looking at the winning times for both courses the difficult run-ability does not seem to have affected the faster competitors to any great extent.

I heard that there were a couple of complaints regarding the Yellow course where a fence had to be crossed at a gate between controls 2 and 3. It appears that some of the younger competitors were not aware that they needed to open the gate to get to the ride. I had not considered this to be a problem during planning as the position of the change in direction from the track to the ride was well indicated by the large tower at the junction. In hindsight a note could have been put into the description sheet advising the competitors to cross the fence using the gate or style next to it. The Yellow course also crossed a fence between controls 7 and 8 and I did not hear of any problems with this.

I hope that the majority of competitors enjoyed the courses and found them challenging. I enjoyed planning at Hockham and got confused several times in the Pingo area.

Thanks to Richard for his advice and help on the courses and for checking everything out, to Les for getting so many helpers together and for making the event run smoothly and to Alan for giving me help with sorting out my OCAD problems. Finally a big thank you to Kim for helping me in the forest, both in finding control sites and for helping me put out the controls during the weekend.


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