Results: Kelling Heath: 27/01/2019

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Planner’s Comments

This was my first time planning a colour-coded event for 5 years, and I’m very glad I did it. I got to spend 3 glorious winter’s days exploring a scenic part of north Norfolk, plotting how to make life as difficult as possible for all of you. Kelling is a fun place to plan, because it is made up of very different types of terrain. The highlight for most is the escarpment in the north, with all its spurs and re-entrants. Feedback from finishers suggests that while this was physically demanding, most navigational problems occurred in the flatter areas, particularly amongst the caravans. This may be down to the fact that most of you entered the caravan region in the second half of your course, when tiredness starts to tell. And tiredness leads to losing concentration. And concentration is what you need in flat, fast terrain, where everything looks the same.

Many thanks to Alan for his advice on the courses, and to Tim and Kim for helping to check the control sites on the day. As I said, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first planning for a long time. If you also haven’t done it for a while, or ever, I heartily recommend giving it a go. I know Kim would be glad to hear from you.


Organiser’s Comments

The day started 6.30 with wind and rain so I was prepared for the worst. Arriving at the event area at 8.00 I was pleased to find that the wind had abated and the rain stopped and remained thus for the rest of the day. The turn out was to be far better than my expectations and with almost a hundred entrants I consider that the event was an unexpected success. Almost all comments from entrants were positive and that’s thanks to Glen for planning some good courses. I would like to sincerely thank all of the helpers who turned out on a rather unpredictable day to make the event go smoothly.


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