Results: Maze-O: 21/07/2019

It was just for fun, but here are the Results of the Maze-O.

Organiser’s Comments

Our first Maze-O event was a hoot!

The idea was to give newcomers a taste of orienteering (and to encourage them to come to future O meetings) whilst giving more experienced folk a different challenge. We certainly ticked both boxes. ✅✅

The idea seems simple and I must confess I wondered how much challenge it would offer. It’s fair to say it was more difficult and more enjoyable than I’d expected. You have to keep moving, you have lots of direction changes, lots of grunting out of corners and, most importantly, no time at all to gather your thoughts! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to do it again.

We were pleased to see several families appear. The children all loved it and most completed every course. Orienteering is a fantastically inclusive sport and Maze-O is certainly no exception. We even had a motorised wheelchair negotiating a course!

Today was a busy day with several other events (including Run Norwich) happening. Despite that, we were busy all morning and will be repeating the event next year. Lingwood is a great venue with its cafe and facilities. They’re also happy not to charge us. 🙂

Thanks to Alan, Pat, David V, Matthew and Dan – who was certainly the busiest! Much appreciated.


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