Results: UEA & Earlham Park: 16/09/2018

Results and Split Times

Organiser’s Comments

Thank you to all those people who volunteered to help at today’s event. As you know, these events can’t take place without people donating their time before or after a run (or even in place of a run). Your willingness is very much appreciated.

I heard many people say how much they enjoyed the event, including some friends of mine who were orienteering for the first time, so my thanks also go to Philip Bartram for planning some interesting, yet challenging, courses and to Kim Eden for controlling the event.

Julie Price.

Planners’s Comments

In planning the courses I tried to provide a mix using the buildings, parkland and the small woodland area. I was determined to avoid the sport pitches to the west of the map that would favour the Colney Park runners.

What I did not anticipate was the arrival of an inflatable obstacle course in Earlham Park on Saturday morning. A new and unique challenge potentially awaited the Green and Blue entrants of climbing across a bouncy castle to control 210. Fortunately these had been cleared away for Sunday morning.

My thanks to Julie and Paul, Kim and Tim, Daniel, Rini, Alan and all others that helped on the day.

Philip Bartram.

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