Results of NOR events

Results are added to the web site as soon after an event as possible. If they're not here yet, please check back tomorrow to see if this page has been updated. They should open in a new window and may take a couple of minutes to appear so please be patient.

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Pond Hills - 8th March 2015

     Results         Par Times          Splitsbrowser        WinSplits         Routegadget2

Cockley Cley - 8th February 2015

     Results         Par Times          Splitsbrowser         WinSplits         Routegadget2

Kelling Heath - 11th January 2015

     Results         Par Times          Splitsbrowser         WinSplits         Routegadget2


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Routegadget 2 now available 

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Results to the end of 2010 are on SPLITSBROWSER and ROUTEGADGET 

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Results of some NOR events prior to March 2007 are at