Light Green

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Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Anna and Rini Hoogkamer IND W18 33:29
2nd Dave Tallentire IND M35 38:36
3rd Simon Peck SUFFOC M55 41:59
4th Rob Kingman NOR M60 42:43
5th David Baxter IND M55 42:53
6th Stephen Nobbs NOR M55 42:59
7th John Harvey NOR M75 47:42
8th Jamie Austin IND M21 49:55
9th Grant Wheeler and Andrea Munsterberg IND M45 49:59
10th Maisie and James Alger IND W13 53:18
11th Paul Price NOR M50 53:22
12th Matthew Large and Lauren McDoougall IND W21 54:33
13th Vivienne Greenough + Kate IND W21 59:07
14th Michael Knight NOR M65 61:42
15th Eloise Sumner SOS W14 63:22
16th Sally,Lydia,Andrew Finn IND   63:46
17th Kathryn Sumner SOS W45 64:34
18th John Rushmer NOR M65 66:30
19th Margaret Knight NOR W65 69:23
20th Geoff, Archie and Wilf Somner IND M10 80:47
21st K. and A. Phillips IND W21 84:37
22nd Alan Coddington NOR M80 89:27
23rd Sue Vine NOR W70 91:24
w2 Karen Goldsworthy NOR W45 46:52
m9-12 Sue Stirling IND W45 73:22