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Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Anna and Rini Hoogkamer IND W18 22:51
2nd Jamie Austin IND M21 27:17
3rd James and Julie Price + David Cannell NOR M12 29:03
4th Miichael Steinferdt NOR M50 38:02
5th Alesha and Paul Lowe SUFFOC W10 41:22
6th Jonathan and Louise Denby IND M45 41:41
7th Mathew and Elaine Wardle NOR M14 44:14
8th Bronwen Mansel + Henriette Schulz SUFFOC W16 47:23
9th Georgina Nicholls NOR W14 52:26
10th Margretta and Sarah Freeburn NOR W70 53:14
11th Sarah Betts IND W45 55:06
12th Francis and Frances Southgate IND M60 59:14
13th Julia, Jessica and Lauren Mumford-Smith IND W7 77:13
14th Louise and Maisie Somner IND W7 77:20
15th Glen and Marcus Richardson + Roger Swindell NOR M3 81:45
m2 Callum Stirling IND M13 36:56