Course A

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Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Callum and Sue Stirling IND   22:15
2nd James and Julie Price+David Cannell NOR   23:01
3rd Sarah Betts IND W45 32:41
4th Tom,Jake and Ethan Halliwell IND   32:49
5th Amy and Kelly Phillips IND W21 41:55
6th Radcliffe Family IND   45:21
7th Lizzie Rushworth IND W6 48:26
8th Alex Rushworth IND M3 48:35
9th Oliver,Ella,Florence,Fletcher and Caspar James IND   49:47
10th Finn Kaiser NOR M5 75:47
m6-7 w9 Alisha Lowe SUFFOC W10 45:21