8.19km 75m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Robert Frost NOR M45 65:41
2nd Daniel Cowley NOR M21 75:02
3rd Paul Beckett HAVOC M50 77:30
4th Alan Spidy NOR M50 86:17
5th Peter Woods WAOC M55 87:33



6.96km 75m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st James Bennett WCH M21 53:59
2nd Andrew Henderson LEI M50 59:13
3rd Kevin Smith NOR M60 61:14
4th Tanya Taylor LOG W45 63:00
5th Alun Roberts WAOC M55 64:32
6th Richard Bonnett BAOC M60 64:40
7th Paul Price NOR M50 67:13
8th Mike Capper WAOC M60 69:05
9th Michael Bickle WAOC M65 69:32
10th Garry Parmenter HAVOC M65 75:31
11th Ian Shephard NOR M60 76:09
12th Owen Warnock NOR M55 76:39
13th David Vinsen NOR M50 83:16
14th Derry Kelleher NOR M65 85:02
15th Ian Lonsdale BAOC M55 89:15
16th Jason Rust IND M40 91:08
17th Sue Woods WAOC W55 117:21
18th Alison Crabb RAFO W21 122:07
m9-11 David Ball NOR M70 81:39



4.7km 45m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Mick Liston NOR M65 39:27
2nd Jeffrey Baker LOG M60 50:00
3rd Philip Brown NOR M60 54:13
4th Michael Nell RAFO M65 58:32
5th Bill Butcher NOR M65 58:36
6th Camilla Darwin LEI W45 60:30
7th Steve Williams & Ros Sutton NOR   61:36
8th Rini Hooghame IND M55 65:19
9th Peter Cheetham HH M55 65:57
10th Charlotte Cheetham HH W50 67:54
11th Les Jarrald NOR M65 70:09
12th Terry Hunter SUFFOC M60 72:18
13th Dave Patterson IND M55 73:31
14th Karen Goldsworthy NOR W50 75:19
15th Nicky Nicholls NOR W50 75:24
16th Rodney Freeburn NOR M75 76:00
17th Michael Knight NOR M65 78:42
18th Barbara Fothergill HAVOC W60 80:08
19th Peter Gay SUFFOC M70 80:11
20th Clare Bense SPOOK W55 80:14
21st Geoff Eagles NOR M60 81:23
22nd James Austin NOR M35 85:19
23rd Clive & Susanne Gristwood NOR   87:48
24th Chris Gay SUFFOC W65 94:45
25th Keith & Sandra Fulcher NOR   94:59
26th George Pooley IND M11 95:43
27th Henry Pooley IND M13 95:57
28th Mark Hunter IND M21 107:14
29th Paul Garton NOR M65 109:41
rtd Pauline Smith NOR W55  



3.78km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Dominic Vinsen NOR M16 50:36
2nd Wesley Musall SUFFOC M65 55:00
3rd Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 56:04
4th Noreen Ives WAOC W60 59:31
5th Alan Bedder NOR M70 64:22
6th Hazel Bickle WAOC W60 67:00
7th Graham Ward NOR M70 67:12
8th John Harvey NOR M75 72:42
9th Margaret Knight NOR W65 77:44
10th Barbara George NOR W80 85:13
11th Colin Curtis WAOC M80 85:22
12th John Thickett IND M70 94:11
13th Guy Farnbank NOR M45 105:41
14th Alan Coddington NOR M80 107:14
15th Sue Vine NOR W75 111:09
m4-6 John Rushmer NOR M65 75:27



4km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Eloise Summer IND W16 34:54
2nd Andrew Willington NOR M55 51:51
3rd Tyler Debarr RAFO M18 52:18
4th Maxwell Crowley RAFO M18 52:56
5th Liam Matson RAFO M18 53:46
6th David Pooley NOR M55 54:12
7th Juliette Butcher NOR W65 60:27
8th Mary Smith IND W45 80:46
9th John Toll NOR M75 101:02
m5 Gillian Pilgrim NOR W70 70:01



3.66km 25m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st James Price + 1 NOR M12 37:08
2nd Jonathan Denby NOR M45 45:42
3rd Charlotte Miller IND W21 47:00
4th Louise Denby NOR W45 50:14
5th Georgie Nicholls NOR W14 57:47
6th Barry Pilgrim NOR M70 62:37
7th Ginny Garrod & Carole Riches NOR   76:49
8th Jessica Phipps-Speckman RAFO W14 115:32
9th Eva Lavery RAFO W16 116:38
m4-5 rtd George Lavery RAFO M14  
w4 rtd Thomas Phipps-Speckman RAFO M14  
m4-5 rtd David Hay RAFO M16  
rtd Dicks Family IND    
rtd Scott Croxford RAFO M14  
m1-2 w5 w7 Dean Blackburn and Claire Blackburn NOR   109:42



2.23km 10m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Katie Mowatt and Kirsty Burham RAFO   18:55
2nd Holly Bicknell RAFO W14 21:29
3rd Alesha Lowe + 1 SUFFOC W12 25:34
4th Mark Sophie and Katie Dicks IND   37:03
5th Chloe Marden RAFO W14 37:39
6th Elizabeth & Poppy Roberts WAOC   37:53
7th Hope Bissett and Calum Brownlie-Ward RAFO   55:51
8th Harry & Freddy Toop IND   59:07
w3 rtd Kerry Bingham RAFO W16  



1.73km 5m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Hebe Darwin LEI W8 18:42
2nd Alex Darwin + 1 LEI   24:56