East Anglian Urban League

There happen to be 6 urban events on the EA calendar for 2019 so EAOA are trialling an urban league. These are the events to be included in the 2019 league.

Club Town / City Date
WAOC Royston 10/03/2019
SOS Maldon 12/05/2019
NOR King’s Lynn 19/05/2019
SMOC Buckingham 11/08/2019
SUFFOC Bury St Edmunds 06/10/2019
CUOC Cambridge 26/10/2019

Best 4 scores from the 6 events to count.

Your age class determines your urban league class. The categories are Men’s and Women’s:

  • Young Juniors (12-)
  • Junior (16-)
  • Open (16+)
  • Vet (40+)
  • Supervet (55+)
  • Ultravet (65+)
  • Hypervet (75+)


  • There is no minimum number of courses for any event. The organiser and planner will allocate each urban league class to a course for the purpose of scoring. It is possible for more than one urban league class to run each course. For example, it is normal for Men’s Supervet to share a course with Women’s Vet.
  • Some races may not be able to provide the YJ category due to terrain suitability and BOF guidelines. If this occurs, then a smaller number of scores will count for the total for competitors in YJ classes only.
  • An M/W 16 may only run the Open Course if they are actually 16, i.e. they have had their 16th birthday prior to the event.
  • Events are open to all competitors but only BOF members of EAOA clubs will be eligible for scoring in the EAUL.

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