Here is a checklist for Event Organisers containing all the equipment needed for a Level C event. The club’s equipment is stored at Sprowston. Make arrangements with Equipment Officer, Pat Bedder or Alan (01603 424589) to collect it. Download the  Event Equipment List as a PDF here.

SIGNAGE (majority of signs with moveable arrow are attached to canes)

Road direction                : ‘O‘Signs
Event Area signs            : Parking; Registration; Start; Finish; Download; Caution Runners          Crossing.

REGISTRATION RED TENT (complete with pegs & mallet)

  • 2 @ Tables large
  • 1 @ Table small
  • 2 @ Chairs
  • Registration Box (contains: cash float; 10 compasses; pens, markers, stapler; scissors; tape etc; emergency mobile)
  • Satchel for info sheets & registration forms
  • Box for Car Keys
  • First Aid bag. (including location maps for nearest Hospital to venue)
    Bag of Fluorescent Bibs + 2 coats (for Event Officials & Marshalls)

Required for Registration:

  • Hire E-cards (dibbers). [Equip Officer Supply]
  • White & Yellow maps [Planner supply]
  • Course Description sheets (orange to brown). [Planner supply]
  • Yellow registration forms. [Equip Officer Supply]
  • Event information sheets [Planner or Organiser]
  • BOF Leaflets, misc info papers.[ ]


  • Start Sail, Rod & Stake
  • Start Grid, pins & mallet
  • Green/White tapes to Start & Notice.
  • Clear SI unit – Aluminum Stake
  • Start SI Unit – Aluminum Stake
  • Marked Start Kite & Stake

Also needed:

  • Clock with countdown bleep
  • Map Boxes

Required for Start [Planner supply]

  • Course Maps
  • Clear SI Unit
  • Check SI Unit
  • Start SI Unit
  • Crib sheet re course info etc.

Finish Bag

  • Finish Sail, Rod & Stake
  • Finish SI Unit – Aluminum Stake.

Required for Finish [Planner supply]

  • Finish SI Unit


  • Norfolk Orienteering Club Sail
  • Red/White Tape; Hazard Yellow/Black Tape,Canes, String/Wire
  • Shovel for excreta, Secateurs/Scythe

SI Download Blue Tent plus tables, chairs and computing equipment etc. is held & stored by SI Manager.