Award Scheme

British Orienteering Racing and Navigation Challenge

The British Orienteering Navigation and Racing challenges are incentive schemes that enable you to track your progress through the colour coded courses and their corresponding technical difficulty (TD).

Members are eligible for a Navigation Challenge certificate after successfully completing 3 colour coded courses of the same technical difficulty. Certificates are star based. 1 star for TD1 up to 5 star for TD5 courses.

Members are eligible for either a bronze, silver or gold Racing Challenge certificate after successfully completing 3 colour coded courses (of the same TD) when the participants time is less than the course length (KM) multiplied by 20mins/12mins and 12.5 mins respectively.

Results uploaded from individual club from 1st Jan 2012 will count toward this scheme and certificates will be available to download from the members area of the British Orienteering website.

Colour Coded Award Scheme

If you want some recognition that your orienteering is improving, here are details of an award scheme open to all orienteers in East Anglia. As well as a certificate, you will also receive a cloth badge, and your name will appear in the NorNEWS.

At local or district events colour-coded courses are graded on technical and physical difficulty: White, Yellow, Orange , Light Green, Green, Blue and Brown. If you successfully complete three White courses you can claim a White badge. To claim any other colour coded award you need to complete three courses of that colour in a time below or equal to the par time.

The par time is calculated by whichever of the following two methods gives the greatest number of qualifiers: 150% of the winner’s time or the time that is achieved by at least 50% of those who started the course, which include those who retire or mispunch.

White, Yellow and Orange badges can be claimed when competing as an individual or a pair. For the other colours you must compete as an individual.

You can claim colour-coded badges by contacting Leanne Bailey to let her know which badge you are claiming and the date and location of the qualifying events. This can be done either by email (preferably) or telephone 01553 771961.

More information on award schemes is on the British Orienteering website.