Results: Houghen Plantation & Drayton Drewray: 19/01/2020

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Organiser’s Comments

What a treat to return to Houghen Plantation on such a beautiful day.  I thoroughly enjoyed the main organisational role on the day of standing around chatting to people, made possible of course by all the people who so willingly gave their time to help – thank you all for volunteering so readily and once again making our events happen.  Even the parking turned out to not be quite as challenging as we feared squeezing for the record a total of 75 cars into what looked like quite a small space a few days ago.  Biggest thanks of all to our Planner Steve Nobbs for some splendid courses, and Alan for overseeing the whole event as Controller.  He also had a mammoth job in even just obtaining the land permission as this small area is split into about five different parcels of land each requiring separate discussion and negotiation!  See you at Pretty Corner next month.

Nicky Nicholls.

Planner’s Comments

The map has changed fairly drastically since our last event here in 2013. I have planned here before and was surprised that earth walls and depressions have disappeared in places, felling has happened, and in fact I initially struggled to find control sites in the top half of the map. What made it worse, due to the high rainfall in the autumn, the streams were very full. I did initially have courses crossing the stream in the north, but after a rainy December, decided that this could not be the case. You would probably need a dingy to cross this in places! Also another potential control location was under water, so it was a change of plan. Furthermore, the woods to the north across the road are currently being felled, and a complete mudbath, so this area could not really be used. So I hope you enjoyed some of the nice bits of the forest that I choose, and some of the driest, and did not find too many groggy wet areas.

Many thanks to Alan for updating the map as we went along, and inputting the courses, and advising as necessary. Thanks also to Rob Frost (who initially updated the map), who gave up his run to check and wake up all the controls this early frosty morning.

Steve Nobbs.

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