Results: Shouldham Warren: 15/12/2019

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Organiser’s Comments

How can I thank my helpers from today enough?  For various reasons we were struggling to find helpers, and Daniel, on SI, worked with very little help and no breaks from setup to packup.  Alan kindly brought all the equipment over, helped set up, helped pack up and even waited for the last controls to be collected.  Several other people did double shifts, fitting their run in between.  But all of you are stars, and I must ask other NOR members who didn’t help today, to make an effort to help at least once a year, otherwise the club won’t be able to function.

For everyone’s sake, I’m glad the weather stayed nice so you could all enjoy this lovely area which is currently under threat.  Thank you all for coming and making it such a good day.

Planner’s Comments

‘O yes Kim, of course I would love to plan Shouldham’ is what I eventually said. It did make sense, I live one and a half miles from the forest and have planned in there since the late 1980’s.

I have for sometime wanted to get back to planning events, but controlling events has become a bit of a calling; I controlled the first EA league event of 2019 and of course the British Champs.  I was nice to get out to a forest with clean map and just find controls.  Then put in to practice all those good principles I have tried to teach others over the last few years.  I was to be controlled by Sally Wilkinson who I helped teach how to Control (assisted by Clive W who I also taught to be a Controller). 

I did stick to those things that I ask of my Planners, which is to do everything early, just in case. Sally asked questions of my courses (of course being Michael I had all the answers) and after a look together I hope you all enjoyed our work.  I have enjoyed the last few months and especially this weekend being out there placing the controls.

To the not-very-happy Lady who wanted to know why the control was not in the correct place, my advice is read the control description and more importantly look inside the circle before you get upset.

Thank you to my wonderfully organised Organiser Julia. As usual everything was sorted (even with only one working hand) and having a great many control collectors always makes a planner happy.  Thank you Sally for putting up with a ‘know it all’. Thank you to Kim for talking me into it.

Most of all, thank you to all of you runners and the nice comments on the day.


Controller’s Comments

Thanks to the Planner & Organiser for all their excellent work – it made my role much easier. I’m glad the weather was better than the forecast – it really showed the area off and, along with the well-planned courses, ensured that there were many happy orienteers.


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