Results: Horsford Heath (Summer Series): 12/06/2022

Results and Split Times

Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s event – especially those who took the time to help.  The weather was kind; the forest was fairly quiet, but John’s courses were challenging and enjoyed by all who attended.

Planner’s Comments

Quite a lot of the potential control sites at Horsford are point features in rather featureless blocks of forest and the addition of fresh bracken growth made some controls quite challenging to find. They required quite careful bearings and while I tried to make the flags visible and trampled some bracken I apologise if you had difficulty in finding some of the depressions or rootstocks. The recent surge of undergrowth did make the Orange course more challenging for Juniors than I would have liked so well done to all those that tackled it. Having put out the controls on the morning of the event I was very grateful to the volunteers who collected them at the end of the day.

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