Queen’s Hills – Maprun League (Spring 2021)

6 June 2021 @ 10:00 am – 19 June 2021 @ 8:00 pm
Free parking at West Costessey Village Hall
Sainsbury’s, Longwater
On path, adjacent to the hall
Post Code:
60 minute Score (get as many controls as you can in 60 min)
~13km to get all 32 controls
Glen Richardson
Start Date:
Sunday, 6th June 2021 (for Maprun League)
End Date:
Saturday, 19th June 2021 (for Maprun League)
UK → Norfolk → NOR OC Fun League → Queens Hills
Queen’s Hills is a new housing estate to the west of Norwich. By car, it is only accessible from the A47/Dereham Road junction. Go down the hill, round Sainsbury’s and follow Sir Alfred Munnings Way to Queen’s Hills. By bike, you can come from Old Costessey and enter Queen’s Hills via a disused bus lane off Ringland Lane via control 27.
Richard Whiteley would have described this as a course of 3 halves. Firstly, the Queen’s Hills housing estate is a real urban labyrinth of roads, footpaths, alleyways and parking areas, requiring intense concentration. Then there is the surrounding woodland, runnable in places, and with steep hills. Finally there is the extension into Old Costessey for the runners to stretch their legs.
Paths leading out of the estate into the woods tend to have wooden fences across them. Just clamber through these. Entering the woods as any other point is generally not possible.
There are a couple of places where it might be tempting to cut through private gardens. Please don’t.
You will be off road in places, but on balance, I would advise flat shoes.
Choose a time when the area won’t be too busy and follow the official social distancing & hygiene guidance and the British Orienteering Code of Conduct at all times.
Use only public roads, paths & open spaces.
Be aware of residents, walkers & cyclists.
Be aware of traffic in urban areas & take care at road crossings.
Anyone under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult in urban areas because of the traffic risk.
Follow instructions as to out-of-bounds areas / paths and compulsory road / rail crossings. The situation you face on the ground may differ from when the course was planned.
You are responsible for your own safety, i.e. you take part at your own risk. British Orienteering insurance only covers organised events, not individuals taking part on these courses.
Let someone know where you’re going, particularly for the courses which visit more isolated / off-road locations. Consider using an app like what3words so you can give your precise location in case of accident.

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