Results: Cawston & Marsham Heaths: 29/10/2023

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This event was also the NOR Club Championships, see Glen’s Planner’s comments below to learn who the 2023 winners are!

NOR’s next event is Shouldham Warren, 10th December. Before then we’re off to contest the CompassSport Trophy on 12th November. If you’re not joining us, keep an eye out for the results on the Bristol OC website.

Organiser’s Comments

Thank you to everyone that came to the Cawston and Marsham Heath event. We were very lucky that the weather was probably the best day we have had for several days and made competing in the forest more enjoyable.

A lot of work went on behind the scenes to enable the event to go ahead which most competitors are not aware of, from permissions to use the areas, finding helpers for the day and collecting and returning equipment. Glen the Planner did a great job and Kim assisted by Tim had everything under control as Controllers.

A special thank you to all the helpers, without who the event would not go ahead. From the car park marshals who managed to get everyone parked safely and stop the general public from using the O carpark, the crew on the starts, my Mum who helped me on registration, the people who volunteered to collect controls and finally John and Daniel who manned SI.

Everything went smoothly until we had reports that there were controls missing on the yellow course, in total we had 2 SI boxes and 3 control kites that went missing. Luckily this was quite late on and only a few competitors were affected.

Finally, I must thank the landowners, Cawston and Marsham Heath trustees for giving us permission to hold the event.

Here’s looking forward to the next event at Shouldham Warren. If you could help please get in touch as without volunteers these events can’t take place.


Planner’s Comments

It is always a pleasure planning orienteering courses. While finding time in our busy lives to fit in recce visits might seem like a chore, I always find I enjoy the opportunity to stroll round an area and appreciate it, rather than charging round with sweat in my eyes. I particularly enjoyed my visits to Cawston & Marsham as it is a wonderfully varied area, with lots of wildlife, and it was full of colour a month ago.

I was determined that the TD5 courses should experience the full variety of terrain, including the contour features in the woods as well as the heathland. My first visit showed me that using the open bits of Marsham Heath (the eastern half) would be most challenging. After my legs had been turned into pin cushions, I realised I couldn’t really put controls out in the heath. But I know some people like the challenge of such difficult terrain, so instead, I made a few legs that gave the option of following the purple line through the heath, or going round the long way on the path. Speaking to finishers, it seems that quite a few did opt for the straight line route. But those who opted for the path run generally got there quicker.

Well done to everyone who completed their first orienteering course today. And congratulations to the NOR Club Champions for 2023 – Ian Renfrew and Gill Pilgrim.


Controller’s Comments

Just like to thank everyone who came to Cawston and Marsham Heaths today. Glen had some challenging courses which I hope you all enjoyed! Thanks to Karen for organising the event, and to all the helpers, it went very smoothly to start with, unfortunately 3 controls on the yellow course were vandalised later on in the morning, we managed to retrieve all the stakes and kites but lost 2 control boxes. I think this only affected 2 entrants, so sorry this happened, we think it was some kids on bikes.

Apart from that the event went very well and thanks to Glen for planning. We were very lucky with the weather, so nice to run in sunlit woods!!</p?


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