Results: NT Felbrigg Estate Night: 13/01/2024

Felbrigg Park & Hall

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Planner’s Comments

Felbrigg proved to be a lovely place to plan a night event. Once we had decided on the car park and registration site it was relatively straightforward to come up with rough outlines for the three courses which enabled both the start and finish to be close to each other and close to registration.

Although there is a significant path network which helped planning the Yellow and Orange courses, the fact that some of these paths become less visible in winter due to the amount of leaf litter on the ground automatically adds an increased element of difficulty at night.
Also aiding with the course planning was the fact that there are plenty of features available to use, some near paths for Yellow and Orange, and some further away which helped with the Green.

I hope everyone enjoyed their visit to a cold but thankfully dry Felbrigg (two weeks ago you would all have needed wellies) and also enjoyed the unique challenge of night orienteering in such a lovely deciduous woodland.


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