Results: Pretty Corner: 23/02/2020

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Organiser’s Comments

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Planner’s Comments

It was a shame more people did not brave the weather to have a run today, however quite understandable given the weather forecasts. After the storms caused the cancellation of events across the country on the last two weekends, many people needed their “orienteering fix” and Pretty Corner proved an ideal venue. Although it was windy on the top of the ridge, once you dropped down into the forest the wind died down and with the rain keeping away, conditions were pretty much ideal. Many people commented how runnable it was, and it is obviously the best time of year to run here.

I’ve always wanted to plan at Pretty Corner, as it is rare to have so much “brown” on the map in Norfolk. When I was tagging, I had a crisis of confidence, as most of the controls seemed to be of “orange” standard – you are always pretty close to a path. However, what makes Pretty Corner such a challenging venue is that whilst the control sites maybe “easy” the difficulty is navigating the whole leg. It is so easy to get drawn off line, miscount re-entrants etc. I look forward to seeing what route choices people made, especially on the “long legs” diagonally across the whole map on the Short Brown and Blue courses.

Thanks, as ever, to Stephen for his input and advice.


Controller’s Comments

Shame about the weather leading up to the event, I am sure it put a lot of people off travelling up to north Norfolk.

While it was quite windy in the car park on the day, in the wood itself it was fine.

An early Sunday morning was required to finish putting out the controls and checking the control units. But by 7 o’clock the wind had blown the rain away, we even had blue sky and sunshine by lunch time.

Jonathan’s courses were excellent, it’s a shame we did not get the numbers the terrain and courses deserved. Pretty Corner is always a challenge and is one of the clubs top areas, if not East Anglia’s.

Thanks to Kim and her helpers, also thanks to Jonathan.


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