Club Night (Turf Norwich City Centre)

13 April 2021 @ 6:45 pm – 7:30 pm
Norwich City Centre
Ben Bethell

Just turn up within the inner ring road in Norwich at 18:45, at which time your Turf screen will change to show the zones specific to the event. To plan your strategy here is a screenshot of the zones:

Do you go to the centre, so that you have the greatest number of zones to go for? Or, do you go to the edge in the hope that no-one else will take your zones?

A quick summary of the rules & scoring.

All regular zones within the event area are deactivated for the participants in the event.

Takeover time is 30 seconds.

  • This is the time you have to stay in the zone to “take” it

Block time is 3 minutes.

  • This is the time you have to wait before you can take a zone already taken by another player

Assists are disabled.

  • This is when you are “turfing” with another player

Taking a zone is worth 10 points.

  • Self explanatory, hopefully

All zones are worth the same – 60 points per hour / 1 point per minute.

  • These are additional points you gain just for holding the zone.

No neutral bonuses for neutral zones.

  • In the normal game you get a bonus for taking a zone not currently held by another player. This does not apply during the event

More info on the Turf ‘Wiki’

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