Club Night (Turf)

2 February 2022 @ 6:45 pm
Ben Bethell
07852 333 301

This is open to everyone. In Turf terms it is a closed / private event, so you need to pre-register; either send an e-mail to Ben or post on facebook. On the day, just turn up in the area, at which time your Turf screen will change to show the zones specific to the event. If this does not happen automatically, you may need to close the Turf App and re-start it.

A map of the zones and location of after event drinks will be posted on facebook a day or so before the event.

A quick summary of the rules & scoring:

  • All regular zones within the event area are deactivated for the participants in the event.
  • Takeover time is 30 seconds.
    • This is the time you have to stay in the zone to “take” it.
  • Block time is 3 minutes.
    • This is the time you have to wait before you can take a zone already taken by another player.
  • Assists are disabled.
    • This only applies in the “normal” game when you are “turfing” with another player.
  • Taking a zone is worth 10 points.
    • Self explanatory, hopefully.
  • All zones are worth the same – 60 points per hour / 1 point per minute.
    • These are additional points you gain just for holding the zone.
  • No neutral bonuses for neutral zones.
    • In the “normal” game you get a bonus for taking a zone not currently held by another player. This does not apply during the event.

You can see a real-time points table in the app – something to do while you are taking a zone. Tap the Menu Button (4 dots in a square), then tap the Event Button (looks like a calendar page or a brief case).

More info on the Turf ‘Wiki’

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