Results: Bryant’s Heath: 17/10/2021

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Organiser’s Comments

What a superb area to host our club championship and great to see such a good turnout – I think we can say that Orienteering is back in Norfolk. Bryant’s Heath may be small but it’s perfectly formed for orienteering. A huge thank you to our planner Daniel Cowley, who kept us all thinking until the very last. It was his first event as planner and judging from the comments we very much hope it won’t be the last. Not forgetting also to thank Kim for her advice as controller and to everyone who volunteered their help.
Congratulations to our 2021 Club Champions – take a look at our Facebook page for a few photos:
W12 Caitlin Binns
W14 Cordelia Spackman
W16 Amy Griffiths & Mary Bowles
W45 Katherine Bartram
W55 Nicky Nicholls
W75 Barbara George
M10 Marcus Richardson
M12 Finn Kaiser
M14 Joel Fox
M16 Matthew Bethell
M18 William Bartram
M20 Tom Bartram
M45 Ian Renfrew
M55 Jonathan Gilbert
M65 Peter Waldron
M75 David Ball
Fastest female Kay Goldsworthy
Fastest male Glen Richardson
Ella Gilbert Trophy (best junior) William Bartram
Carol Towler Salver (best age-graded female) Nicky Nicholls
Barry Chilvers Cup (best age-graded male) Ian Renfrew
Nicky Nicholls

Planner’s Comments

The hope was I could come up with a couple of courses that made you think (without being unfair) and got a decent length in (without running up & down the same paths). For the Short(er easier) Course it was trying to balance making it more than just a path run against covering the place in controls! For the Long(er harder) Course hopefully there were a few route choice decisions to be made and there weren’t too many occasions when you were running to X just for the sake of it. As you are now aware the ‘Rough Open’ varies a lot in what it actually is, so that had a large bearing on the course layout – if this event had been in 6 months time the courses would have looked a lot different. Indeed some of the vegetation is actively managed, so I was relieved that warden and his team hadn’t got fully stuck into this year’s work – that could have made a mess of things!
From what I’ve heard it seems to have come out all not too bad, which is pleasing, and I’m glad it seems that almost everyone had a good/fun/different/interesting/enjoyable run.

For those running with SI-Card 5’s, the specifications clearly show that it can cope with 30 controls (plus Start etc.), but of course that doesn’t account for any double-dibs – a lesson learnt here! Rest assured that although the results show no timings for the last control(s) the visits are registered, and the final time is correct. Take a look at Winsplits and you can see it has estimated those missing values for you.

My thanks to Kim for Controlling (and controlling) me, and for all those that assisted me before & throughout the day. Also to the Heath’s warden & local landowner for allowing us to host the event & parking (apologies for not remembering your names). It was great to see so many people turn up – we had 86 runs – thank you all.


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