Results: Thetford Urban: 20/04/2024

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Organiser’s Comments

To my mind Thetford has always been a good location for local orienteers, being on the outer reaches of three clubs, with decent road and rail connections; we’re well used to events out in various parts of Thetford Forest.  Having said that, I was really keen to bring orienteers into the town itself.  Although it has a reputation around the 1960s London overflow estates, there is an awful lot of history to Thetford which is undeservedly overlooked as a result and we were lucky enough to be able to access a little of that today.  I hope you enjoyed the shift between new and old Thetford that Ian created for you; there is still quite a bit I feel unexplored.

I have to give thanks to English Heritage for access to Thetford Priory, the GW Staniforth Trust for access to the Kings House Gardens and the Keystone Trust for the use of the newly refurbished Riversdale Centre.  All were incredibly enthusiastic about we wanted to do, for which I’m grateful.

I also have to make mention of the help I’ve received in organising the event.  I would not have managed any of it without Kim, who you would have seen mostly on Starts today.  She has mentored me through the whole process and has just got stuck in without question when it was most needed. Thanks to Ian who put together what I’d always thought were exciting courses – I’m just annoyed I couldn’t run them – and to our Controllers Sarah Mansel and Michael Chopping, I’m sure bicycles have never had so much use!  Thanks also to people tucked away but no less important – Daniel and his SI band, Tim, the many lovely people who stepped forward to volunteer some of their time today and my committee colleagues who dealt with the bits I couldn’t get my head round. Thank you to Sam and Angela who provided the tea and cake today – all events should have cake!

I hope you enjoyed the day.  We expect to be able to finalise the results next week for you.


Planner’s Comments

Well it is rare opportunity to be able to orienteer around a 12th Century Priory – I think we were incredibly lucky to have consent from English Heritage – and that combined with a variety of different housing estates made Thetford a fantastic venue for an Urban orienteering event. The St John’s estate (to the SW) made for ‘sprint style’ short & medium length legs, lots of twists and turns, lots of similar-seeming courtyards and plenty of potential for errors if pushing the envelope. The Abbey Estate to the NW brought different challenges for the longer courses, while for all the transits allowed some long legs with plenty of potential routes. The Priory itself a privilege and, I hope, a fun ending for all. 

Overall, a great day’s urban orienteering in a historic and challenging town. Everyone I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed the delights of Thetford and loved the courses, so that was great. I’d like to thank Liz for a terrific job organising, Sarah for controlling and Michael for on-the-day controlling. There is so much to do for these urban events, everyone with a key role has to put in a massive amount of work. Planning my first urban has brought home how much we owe our volunteers for this format. I’d also like to thank Phil for the excellent new map and Jonathan Gilbert for Purple Pen and map compilation help. Plus everyone who helped me collecting controls. 


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