Results: Eaton Park: 02/07/2023

Results and Split Times
The splits will show some controls were visited out of sequence – these were then all re-visited in sequence later on (but do not show on the splits) and so no advantage was gained & thus no deductions made.

Our events now take a short break over the summer, we’re back Sunday 24th September at Holt Country Park (subject to final confirmation, details posted nearer to the date).

Planner’s Comments

Coming soon

Organiser’s Comments

A big thanks to Jamie for planning the event and for Tim helping set up, checking controls and handing maps out on the A B C score course. Also to all helpers, Katharine on start, Liz on registration, Jamie on SI when Daniel went for a run and Daniel on SI. Thanks to Paul, David and Neil for collecting controls along with Jamie.

A few newcomers who seemed to enjoy themselves at Eaton Park was good to see. We have plenty of maps left, could maybe run the event again one Wednesday evening next summer.

Thanks to everyone who helped and who took part.

Happy Summer Holidays to everyone!!


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