Compass Sport Cup – Hatfield Forest – 8th May

The East Anglian round in Hatfield Forest has been rearranged for Sunday 8th May, and entries are now open on Fabian4. They will only be open until Monday 25th April, so don’t delay. For newcomers, this is the national inter-club competition. Everyone runs the course appropriate for their age group and gets points for their finishing position. Our best 25 scores are added together across all courses. The winning team progresses to the national final. This year we are up against WAOC (Cambridge), HH (Herts) and SAX (Kent). Click on this link for further event information, and to enter on Fabian4 click here.

Following  are  details of which age-groups are assigned to each course

Class Course Age Class

1. Brown Men Open
2. Short Brown M20- M40+
3. Blue Women Women Open
4. Blue Men M50+
5. Green Women W20- W45+
6. Green Men M60+
7. Veterans Short Green M70+ W60+
8A. Junior Men Green M18-
8B. Junior Women Short Green W18-
9A. Orange Men M14-
9B. Orange Women W14-

At this stage, please go ahead and enter your course of choice. When entering, please make sure you enter the courses that are named ‘Class1 Brown, Class2 Short Brown etc’. Confusingly, there are also similar colour-coded courses available for non-competitive runners from other clubs, at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
If we end up having too many/few on any particular course, I may consider some tactical switches, but the first target is to get the required 25 entries to make up a full team. I may be able to offer some seats in a minibus from Norwich, so let me know if you’d be interested in that.

Glen Richardson

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