NOR Fun League (Results after Round 7)

Swaffham Market Place

So, the results are in for the penultimate round of the Fun League, held in Swaffham. Carla Sutherland took the win in the women’s competition, and with Katharine Bartram not running, may have taken a decisive lead in the overall competition. In the men’s competition, it was 3-in-a-row for Rini Hoogkamer. The big change is that Ian Renfrew has taken the lead in the overall men’s competition. Even though he scored fewer points than Glen Richardson, he gained more points being able to discard his lowest score than Glen.

The next round has started at Lingwood. Remember it finishes next Sunday (20th December). So, who is going to win the overall? Well I’ve done some modelling, and assuming that people are able to equal their second best score, then Carla will win the women’s and Ian will win the men’s. However, in the men’s competition, it is incredibly close, and any one of 4 runners could still win – Ian, Rini, Glen & and me, languishing in 11th place having only completed 4 runs so far. However, I think it will be difficult to get a high score for this event, as to get all 33 controls you will need to run ~15km. It is unlikley that anyone will get all 33 in the time limit and each control you do get will be worth fewer “league points”.

Here are the results:

The scores for the Fun League are as follows:

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