Results: Ling Common: 11/07/2021

Results and Split Times

Control 249 was having a bit of an identity crisis which is why it appeared on your splits printout as ‘already visited’ – we have corrected this in these results, using the actual data from your dibbers. 

I have also corrected the error in the time penalties that weren’t applying correctly for the early finishers, so these are now accurately calculated as well.  

Thank you to those that spotted these issues and pointed them out, apologies for any confusion caused. 

Organiser’s Comments

Ling Common is one of my favourite areas.  Because it is close to my home I normally get asked to organise, I have never actually ran (walked) a course there, but really enjoy organising events.

The event being a level D could not go ahead without the Planner, Julia Paul, who once again organised well received challenging courses, or those who volunteered to help with setting up, starts, control collecting and packing up.

Most of my work was done before the day, replying to pre-entry emails, allocating start times, checking courses & payment methods, emailing numbers to Alan for map printing, and SI details to Daniel.  This however was started later than usual due to a problem with uploading the final details to the website.

However on the day, the weather was mostly good, and was wonderful to see so many people after so long, and meet people who I have only seen in Zoom calls.

I hope you all enjoyed your courses, and I hope to see you all soon at another event.


Planner’s Comments

Peter Leverington’s map of this complex, tiny area shows his great skill at interpreting the ground detail into a readable map.  In an area that is both pimply and dimply, it is hard to be sure that you’ve found the right pit or knoll, so I’m glad all courses gave about the right range of results.

Thank you helpers, especially to the main stalwarts, Leanne, Alan and Daniel.  Confusion in the Final Details was entirely my doing, and thank you to those who fed back info on the faulty control.

It was great to see all of you, especially those who travelled some distance to take part.

Next time: hmm, might go back to Score plus Norwegian, the format I used in 2015.  But I do like giving you maps with no paths on!


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